“A good reputation is a second heritage”

– Publilius Syrus (1st century B.C.)

We’re both reputation guardians and accelerators.

SYRUS is a full-service consulting firm specialized in reputation management and provides advice in business strategy, communications, and brand management. We leverage communication and marketing tools to position corporate reputation as a growth engine towards the achievement of business objectives.

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A New Wave of Appointments at SYRUS

At the dawn of its sixth anniversary, SYRUS welcomes two new members to its multidisciplinary team. Yasmina Wahdani joins the SYRUS family as an Advisor, and Constance Léonard-Tessier comes on board as an Account Executive.…

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Jean-Marc Fournier Joins SYRUS

After a well-rounded career in politics in which he left an indelible mark, Jean-Marc Fournier joins SYRUS as Strategic Advisor. His arrival will add depth and experience to the firm as it provides strategic advice…

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SYRUS Attracts New Talent

Evolution: A process of gradual change from one state to another. A perfect depiction of everyday life at SYRUS. The firm continues on its growth path, supported by the diversification of its expertise and services.…