At the dawn of its sixth anniversary, SYRUS welcomes two new members to its multidisciplinary team. Yasmina Wahdani joins the SYRUS family as an Advisor, and Constance Léonard-Tessier comes on board as an Account Executive. In addition to these appointments, Fanny-Ève Tapp has been promoted to the position of Account Director.

“This influx of new talent and the diversification of the expertise within our team further refine our understanding of the business challenges faced by our clients,” stated Myriam Crevier, Vice President and General Manager at SYRUS. With their distinctive backgrounds, Yasmina and Constance can view our clients’ issues from different angles, which can only yield greater benefits,” she added.


Yasmina Wahdani

Yasmina Wahdani has over five years of experience in communications and marketing. Throughout her career, she has been called upon to deploy numerous public relations and digital communications strategies for various companies in the technology, lifestyle and consumer product industries. Before joining SYRUS, Yasmina spent two years working at Capital-Image, after serving as a communications and social media specialist for Sunwing Airlines.

Constance Léonard-Tessier

After completing studies in communications/marketing and journalism, Constance Léonard-Tessier has accumulated professional experience in the media, technology and communications industries, both in Québec and abroad. She has notably been involved in research, community management and content creation as the Communications Coordinator at Element AI, after which she joined the ranks of the communications firm Link, located in Bordeaux, France.

Fanny-Ève Tapp

Newly-appointed Account Director, Fanny-Ève Tapp joined SYRUS over five years ago, when the firm was just getting started. Over the years, she has made her mark with her professionalism, her corporate and financial communications skills, as well as her remarkable contributions to the firm’s growth. “Ever since joining SYRUS, Fanny-Ève has constantly impressed us with her curiosity, her sharp mind and the care and attention she demonstrates toward our clients. Watching her develop so quickly fills me with great pride, and there is no doubt in my mind she has more surprises in store for us. She will continue to hone her leadership skills and the many facets of her role as a reputation and issues manager,” stated Alain Bergeron, President at SYRUS.