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Promotions at SYRUS

SYRUS President Alain Bergeron today announced the promotion of advisors Fanny-Ève Tapp, Mélanie Thomas and Jean-Philippe Lepage to their new roles of senior advisors. This announcement underscores the strategic contributions made by this trio of consultants towards with the achievement of clients’ business objectives, and coincides with the agency’s fourth anniversary.

“Fanny-Ève, Mélanie and Jean-Philippe joined SYRUS when the firm was just getting off the ground. Through their guidance and relationships with clients, they embody the values of performance, integrity of ideas, accountability and transparency which are so fundamental to the culture at SYRUS,” said SYRUS President Alain Bergeron. “Above all else, they care about their clients and that is something that can’t be taught or learned – it’s innate. We are proud to develop and promote our young leaders.”

In addition to lending her writing skills to several leaders from Quebec Inc. and offering guidance to companies on their corporate communication and social media strategies, Fanny-Ève advises clients in a variety of industries including mining, forestry, finance, investments, telecommunications and health technology.

Mélanie Thomas leverages her strategic thinking and expertise across a variety of corporate communication, reputation and brand management mandates for companies in fields such as construction, pharmacy, finance, and transportation as well as science and technology.

Passionate about public affairs and issue management, Jean-Philippe puts his talents in media relations, his political know-how and his creativity at his clients’ disposal of in the transportation management and holding firms, agro-food, sports, sustainable development, automotive and healthcare industries.

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