Evolution: A process of gradual change from one state to another. A perfect depiction of everyday life at SYRUS. The firm continues on its growth path, supported by the diversification of its expertise and services. In keeping with this forward momentum, SYRUS is delighted to welcome Myriam Balian as Account Director and Isabelle Pelletier as Special Advisor.

“Having Myriam Balian join our team adds to our strategic depth with regard to digital and corporate communications. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of digital ecosystems, her analytical mind and her ability to bridge the gap between business strategies and operations make her an important ally for our clients,” stated Myriam Crevier, Vice President and General Manager at SYRUS.

With over ten years of experience in marketing and communications, Myriam Balian has successfully contributed to the strategic planning of many internal and external communication campaigns, the management of issues and crises of all types, the development of digital and content strategies, as well as the positioning of employers and the mobilization of employees. Before coming to SYRUS, Myriam worked for the public relations firm Citoyen Optimum (Cossette) for six years, after which she headed the communications-marketing team at the law firm Lavery Avocats.

The agile and disciplined approach that has become a SYRUS trademark involves calling upon a varied pool of resources and expertise to meet the specific and occasionally ad hoc needs of our clients. This is the context in which the firm has appointed Isabelle Pelletier as Special Advisor.

Isabelle Pelletier has over 20 years of experience in the world of communications and public affairs. She began her career in federal politics, and then went on to hold various positions in government relations, economic development and communications. Before joining SYRUS, she notably held the position of Head of Media Relations at the Société des célébrations du 375e anniversaire de Montréal, where she was in charge of media strategy and issue management. “The sheer variety of experience Isabelle has acquired over the course of her career at the regional, provincial and national levels, provides her with the unique ability to quickly grasp the complexity of public issues and their impact on all stakeholders,” added Myriam Crevier.

SYRUS also announces the buyback of the minority shares held by Hugues Mousseau, thereby making Alain Bergeron the firm’s only shareholder. Hugues Mousseau left SYRUS in March 2019. “Hugues and I founded SYRUS together and worked shoulder to shoulder for more than five years to offer a product that is very different from anything else in the market. I want to thank him for his dedication and wish him all the best in his new endeavours,” explained Alain Bergeron, President of SYRUS.