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Noemie Turcotte


Noemie is a proficient digital marketer specialized in communications and event planning. She has cumulated over 10 years of experience managing clients, projects and people all across Canada.

Once she completed her B.A. in law and marketing, she moved to Western Canada to lead and sustain the growth efforts of Celsius, a Montreal-based creative agency. After creating and overseeing the daily operations of satellites offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, Noemie’s role rapidly evolved from a marketing manager to a business manager and intrapreneur.

She then pursued her career in the tech and digital industry. Noemie was subsequently Marketing Director at Busbud, then at Stay22, two travel tech startups. Over the past 5 years, she managed paid ads, influencers campaigns, press relations, branding efforts and a handful of other various initiatives that aim to generate leads and grow market shares in targeted countries or territories.

Noemie holds an MBA from UQAM and a certificate in project management from McGill University. She is passionate about design and branding. She is also involved in various initiatives that are meant to empower women and promote diversity in the community and tech space.